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Please read below to learn more about the resources we offer.


Our patient portal is an important and valuable resource. With it you can:

  • Complete developmental screenings

  • Ask a nurse a question

  • Request a prescription refill

  • Print immunization records

  • Access test results

  • Pay your balance

Already on the portal?

Access the portal and sign in at the link below:



Need to sign up?

Call our office to get a PIN for your child, then click the button below for instructions on how to sign up for the portal:


We use the Care Convene app for our virtual appointments. Instructions to download the app are provided below:

You will receive a text link the day of your scheduled appointment. Once you have downloaded the app, just click the link to join the visit. If you have any trouble, please call our office. Unfortunately, only one device is able to join the visit at a time. 


While well visits must always be in person, other appointment types may be virtual, such as med checks, some sick appointments, and some nutritionist and asthma visits. Please call our office to check if it is possible for your appointment to be virtual.


We work hard with you to keep your children healthy through regular checkups and immunizations; however, illnesses and mishaps are inevitable. Many of these events can be managed in the home setting, and we have developed this handbook to help you do so. Please click the link below to access this resource.



We are more than happy to augment this information during a phone call to our office. Please call 616-243-9515 during office hours to speak with a nurse, or 616-776-7401 after hours to speak with our on-call physician.


We have compiled a number of community resources to assist with the various needs of our patients and families. Please see the links below for a list of resources in each category. 

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