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Below are some resources that you may find helpful. These resources are checked yearly to ensure that we are providing the most accurate and up-to-date information for our patients. Please note that while these resources have been compiled by our office, questions about specific resources or programs should be directed to the contact information provided for each resource. Thank you!

General Community Resources

We have created the following resource lists based on carefully-vetted programs and organizations in Kent County.

Essential Needs and Health Resources

At each yearly well visit, we ask parents to complete a survey on essential needs and health resources. Below are resources based on the categories in this survey.

Infant Resources

Below are some resources pertaining to the arrival of your newest family member and any needs that you or the baby might have.

Shelter Resources

Below are some resources for finding shelter.

Transportation Resources

Below are some transportation resources. If you are experiencing trouble getting to your appointments, please contact our office - we are happy to help.

Additional Comprehensive Resource Guides

Below are comprehensive resource guides with many additional area resources (both including and in addition to the resources listed above). These guides have not been compiled by our office.

Care Management Resources

Below are some resources recommended by our care managers, categorized by the different care management areas at Alger.

ADHD Resources

Below are some ADHD resources recommended by Rachel, our ADHD care manager. 

  • Resources coming soon! 

Asthma Resources

Below are some asthma resources recommended by Amanda, our asthma care manager. 

Complex Care Resources

Below are some complex care resources, recommended by Kim, our complex care manager. 

  • Resources coming soon! 

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